Thank you for visiting my blog!

My name is Ilham. I’m the seventh in a family of nine children and have been dreaming of establishing my own English language school in my city Pekanbaru and starting a cafe.

I work for the Ministry of Law and Human Rights as an immigration officer placed in Pekanbaru where I deal with immigrant matters.

The purpose of this blog is particularly to share my experiences of studying abroad for the first time and what I learned so far in overseas. Awarded a scholarship in 2012, I participated in the Community College Initiative (CCI) program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. I studied Social Media at the Madison Area Technical College, Madison, Wisconsin, for one year. Studying abroad has been my dream since I was young and this blog is a place to get my American journey documented.

This site isn’t just about that. I also write about different things in life that interest me or come to my mind.

In my spare time I enjoy teaching English to my students. Teaching, by far, has been a work of heart to me that makes me socially and psychologically happy.

You can reach me at ilhambarab@gmail.com. You can also find me on: Facebook: Ilham Barab, Twitter: @ilham7barab, and LinkedIn: Ilham Barab.



  1. I am a mother of two daughters and I feel exciting while teaching. I have one simple vivid comment to your entire-half story, you are personally hard worker and love organized each and every steps you have planned. Those character can be seen easily on how you organized your sentence and I might guess you read the whole sentences more than twice(hopefully it is just my lucky guess) . It is nice heard some (other) organized people organizing their time.

  2. I remember when Ilham called my several questions when I was in the United States of America. He was such a nice friend to have. I felt such a big surprise to know him being there in the same state as I was. I believe that Ilham will be a great person in the future. To Ilham, always be humble. Not everyone from Indonesia can study in the United States with the sponsorship from Fulbright. You are one of the deserving people. Nice to know you, Ilham. Always be successful, okay? Cheers! Wassalamualaikum. 🙂

    1. Oh God, how nice of you brother Syayid for leaving a sweet comment on my blog. Thank you so much!!! 🙂 It’s been a pleasure for me to get to know you as well. You will be a great person too brother. Let’s strive to make Indonesia a better place. 🙂

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